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Naira Adamyan,
General Director, Sanofi Group of Companies in Eurasia



Vitaly Aleinikov,
co-owner, Ozone Pharmaceutics



Evgeny Aleksandrov,
Candidate of Law, Partner, Patent Attorney, Head of Legal Department, Law firm Gorodissky & Partners



Andrei Akhantiev,
Director for Economic Security, GEROFHARM



Dmitry Bagley,
Ph.D., Strategic Analyst, Center for Advanced Technologies Development



Valentina Buchneva,
head of the representative office, Bosnaljek in Russia



Alexander Bykov,
Director for Health Economics, R-Pharm



Ivan Glushkov,
Deputy General Director, Stada CIS



Viktor Dmitriev,
General Director, ARPF



Nail Yegofarov,
Director of Corporate Communications, Pfizer in Russia



Anna Ermolaeva,



Konstantin Ivanov,
director for the development of innovative projects, Navicon



Marianna Ivanova,
Head of the Legal Department, Gazprom-Media, Co-Chair of the ACAR Legal Section



Ruslan Kamalov,
Vice-President, Executive Director of the Cluster of Biological and Medical Technologies, Skolkovo



Natalia Kolerova,
general manager of the department of oncological drugs, Novartis Russia, Ukraine and CIS countries



Valentina Kosenko,
Head of Department, Roszdravnadzor



Anatoly Krasheninnikov,
General Director, National Pharmacovigilance Scientific Center



Alexander Kuzin,
General Director, NovaMediña



Vadim Kukava,
Executive Director, InPharma



Georgy Lebedev,
chairman, Internet + Medicine Committee of the Institute for Internet Development (IRI)



Oksana Monzh,
General Manager, Sanofi in Russia (ethical unit)



Ksenia Nasonova,
Leading Patent Attorney, Patent Attorney of the Russian Federation and Eurasia, Legal Department, GEROPHARM



Alexander Novolotsky,
Director, Aptekar (Irkutsk)



Pavel Palnikov,
Head of Information Systems Support Department, BIOCAD



Larisa Popovich,
director, Institute of Health Economics of the Higher School of Economics



Alexander Saversky,
president, League for the Protection of Patients' Rights



Alexander Semenov,
President, Active Component



Elena Sinchinko,
General Director, PharmIntelekt, Member of the Board of Directors, BION



Lilia Titova,
executive director of the Union of Professional Pharmaceutical Organizations



Alexey Torgov,
Deputy General Director for Work with Government Bodies of BIOCAD



Oleg Feldman,
Managing Director, Ipsos Healthcare Russia



Vladislav Shestakov,
Director of the State Institute of Medicines and Good Practices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation



Vladimir Shipkov,
Executive Director, AIPM



Anna Yarvits,
Senior Vice President, Cluster Head at Teva Russia and Eurasia







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