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Vadim Yatsuk, Executive Director, NGO Antiviral

“...Taking into consideration changes in the pharmaceutical industry related to state regulation and the coming legislation act, this conference brought together a large number of industry participants this year. In my opinion such conferences always provide an opportunity to draw on something new, socialize with partners, market leaders, representatives of the State Duma and the Ministry, to ask a priority question. Also it is very important to share experiences. A bright example was a teleconference with the UK. Such experience is very useful especially when one counts on innovation and improving pharmaceutical industry’s quality. Such conferences should definitely be held in order to attract as many participants as possible, namely manufacturers, distributors, pharmacy chains and medicine manufacturers.

Over the past few years our company has grown and has become a strong player. We expanded our portfolio and succeeded in our segment, we are interested not only in promoting our company but also in other market players. Being a domestic producer we would like to see more and more Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers proving their competency at such events. Perhaps it’s patriotism that led us to participate in this conference. We are able to compete with foreign producers. Set up a goal go for it...”


Marina Veldanova, Chief Representative in Russia, IPSEN

“...Very useful! Thank you!...”


Alla Shenger, Director, Samson-Med

“...Informative and efficient...”


Angela Pozenko, Chief Financial Officer, Samson-Med

“...Good organisation and issues selection...”


Maklakova Olga, Quality Director, Gedeon Richter-RUS

“...I believe that the conference is very well organised, thank you very much! Very comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. I really enjoyed the session attended by Viktor Dmitriev (ARPM) and Oleg Feldman (COMCON-Pharma). Unexpectedly lobbying turned out to be an interesting topic, quite innovative. I’d also like to emphasize reports made by T.V. Nizhegorodtseva and E.A Telnova. Generally speaking Elena’s speeches are always very strong, very specific and clear. At the conference I expected to get the current overview of the following: what producers shall expect? current trends, risks and opportunities. And so far I have received up-to-date information...”


Evgeniy Vanetik, Department Head, Ebewe Neuro Pharma

“...Productive meeting...”


Alexey Grachev, Trade Finance Department Head, Probusinessbank

“...I liked the conference a lot. It was rather useful event. Our bank is interested in pharmaceutical industry financing, that is why our participation in the conference allows us to understand industry problems and current trends so that we could estimate risks, and of course, find new clients and communicate with our active customers. I’d like to repeat once again, I enjoyed the conference very much and I will participate in the next event with great pleasure...”


Maria Denisova, Operations Manager, IMS Health

“...I believe that the conference is definitely interesting and relevant...”


Alexander Semyonov, Director General, Pervaya Pomosch

“...I did not expect such high level reports in a number of statements...”


Natalia Lyabah, CFO, "Glenmark Impex"

“...It was very interesting to hear senior managers’ opinions. This was my first time at such event. I regard it as rather useful. I'm a Financial Director, many of the questions asked today prove what all of us face the same problems...”


Alex Sydnev, Managing Partner, YUNEKS

“...Excellent organisation, proficient guests and interesting issues...”


Evgeniya Dorogova, Editor, ID Park Media

“...Thank you for the conference! Our management and my colleagues highly appreciated organisation and reports...”


Andrei Gusev, Director General, Pharmacy Chain Rigla

“...Today pharmaceutical market is experiencing a rapid change, a lot of new things are happening in the normative regulation of the industry. Therefore market participants are in extreme need of information, new rules and intra-sectorial discussions. The  Conference Pharmaceutical business in Russia - 2010 provides such an opportunity, it gathers under its auspices a broad representation of industry participants. At the upcoming conference I intend to take part in discussions about future of pharmaceutical retail business and to speak about pharmacy chain model efficiency we’ve chosen for Rigla. To my mind a chain is successful only when large company’s advantages are combined in procurement and marketing and when each point is integrated in local market needs. Moreover, we will formulate a behavior model of pharmacy retail according to the new rules of pricing regulation. I hope that the event would not only be informative but will also allow us to form a common view on certain issues and to consolidate the market...” 


Elena Kovaleva, Deputy Director General for commercial activities, Vertex

“...For Vertex company with ambitious strategic plans obtaining relevant information about the development prospects and opportunities for the industry is extremely important. Now, during the period of major change in the pharmaceutical market, it is especially significant that such an event enables representatives of the pharmaceutical society to estimate the situation and discuss ways for further business development as well as to listen to each other.

I’m confident that the proposed conference, as well as all the previous events, organised by your company, will be valuable for all the participants and will provide answers to mostly live issues of pharmaceutical business...”


Alexander Borisov, CEO NTFF POLYSAN

“...The Conference for the pharmaceutical industry organised by infor-media Russia represents a great information arena with comfortable work climate. Event’s status is rather attractive, interest of the guests is evident as it results in a lot of questions from the audience...”


Irina Apukhtina, Sales Manager, BASF

“...For the company I represent, a session dedicated to domestic pharmaceutical industry was the most interesting. It was very valuable to receive "first hand" answers on possible scenarios of pharmaceutical industry development.  Participating in your conferences is not for the first time for me, I to give this event the highest rating...”


Natalia Kharchevnikova, Manager for Investor Relations, Financial Management, Pharmacy Chain 36.6

“...Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the conference Pharmaceutical business in Russia.

To my mind the conference was very productive. The list of issues was extensive and relevant, especially in the current difficult economic and financial situation. I believe that this conference could be useful not only for those who have long worked in the pharmaceutical field but particularly rather helpful for experts and managers who have changed the scope and come from other fields (for instance petrochemicals).

Also, I would like to mention a good quality of provided conference materials (including a big amount of analytic materials).
I was very pleased. I’d participate with pleasure again...”




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